Today's Circlet Classic: The Drag Queen of Elfland, and Other Stories

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Today's Circlet Classic: Black Feathers

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HOUSE OF SABLE LOCKS audiobook released! Get the UNABRIDGED edition of Elizabeth Schecter's award winning book, now on!

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Circlet Presents Annabeth Leong is the third in our series of audio author profiles. Vinnie Tesla interviews Annabeth Leong, and then she reads an excerpt from her short story “Dear Kim.”

Some of the places you can find Annabeth’s writing:

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Ten Dirty Books Number Ten: The Marketplace series

lauraantoniou's series of novels about an elite underground community of masters, slaves, and slave trainers has been around for over 20 years now and shaped a generation of pervs. For the climax of Ten Dirty Books, three Circlet writers—Tammy Jo Eckhart, Kal Cobalt, and Madeline Elayne—describe how three volumes of the series have shaped their lives as writers and kinksters.

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"The very phrase “Edwardian schoolboy romp” sets my voyeuristic heart aflutter.

His connection to fin de siècle notables such as Oscar Wilde, C.A. Swinburne, Sir Richard Burton, and Aubrey Beardsley – who were then regarded as sexual outlaws, if not outright mollies – makes the question of Memoirs’ true authorship an intriguing one.

After few chapters of delightfully frisky bedtime dormitory antics, Blackie regales them with tales of his many erotic adventures – not just sex with men and women, but flagellation, cross-dressing, bisexual threesomes, lesbian orgies, and other frolics favored by the naughty Victorians. Naturally his saucy bedtime tales provoke the school-fellows to even more frequent and enthusiastic bouts of mutual frigging, sucking, and bum-fucking."

Violet Vernet’s article about “Memoirs of a Voluptuary” was so full of juicy quotes that we couldn’t pick just one. The whole thing is a delightful read.

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We’ve fallen behind on the Dirty Books this week here, but I can’t resist jumping the queue for a moment to tease tomorow’s climactic Dirty Book #10. We have a couple different appreciations of multiple volumes in a single beloved modern BDSM series with a special relationship to Circlet. And of that doesn’t give it away, the song above is another hint.


For Dirty Book #8, award magnet Elisabeth Shechter describes how Kushiel’s Dart changed her life, ultimately turning her into that most terrifying of creatures, a writer of erotica.

For Dirty Book #8, award magnet Elisabeth Shechter describes how Kushiel’s Dart changed her life, ultimately turning her into that most terrifying of creatures, a writer of erotica.


Pandemonium Unlimited, or, A Strained Analogy

Trying to assess my battered mass-market paperback of The Pearl is like trying to write a book review of a library. There’s a cacophany of voices, some reciting bawdy spoofs of forgotten drinking songs, one obsessively detailing the blood trickling down birched posteriors, another firing off arch jokes about the chance of catching a glimpse of a young lady’s ankles when she climbs out of her carriage. Originally it was a magazine, illegally printed and distributed, featuring a mix of silly poems, terrible jokes, and serialized novels in each issue. It occurs to me that my love of The Pearl and my love of anarchic online fora like ASSTR have something in common–a pleasure in a messy, exuberant excess that is reminiscent, almost, or real life.


Dirty Book #6 is Vinnie Tesla attempting to explain his love of Victorian underground magazine The Pearl.